Shahnameh Ferdowsi by Dr. Jalal Khaleghi Motlagh

by Alireza Borojerdi

Salaam Doostan,

We need a good reference for our sessions. Both Dr. Monfared and Mr. Mansour suggested the 8-volume Shahnameh by Dr. Jalal Khaleghi Motlagh (4 volumes of Shahnameh and 4 volumes of notes on Shahnameh). Dr. Monfared indicated this book would be the best reference for our work with meanings of words and phrases among other available information. I got the price from Sherkat-e Ketab. It is $359 not including tax and shipping.

If we can find enough donors to reduce the cost to about $40 or $50 per person, we can buy the set. If you are willing to do that, please email me at

If we have enough participants, I will email them to let them know how much the cost per person would be. We can then decide if it is reasonable. Thank you.


Alireza Borojerdi