An interesting part deleted from Zahhak’s handout

by Alireza Borojerdi

Ba Salaam,

While reading the story of Zahhak in Shahnameh by Dr. Jalal Khaleghi Motlagh, I noticed that the attached part was deleted from the handout we used in our sessions. Although it is not related to the main theme of the story, I thought it might be interesting to know about Fereidoon learning magic and Fereidoon’s brothers trying to kill him. Please refer to Page 40 of the handout for the proper location of the insert. I have attached the deleted part from Shahnameh and the related “Notes on Shahnameh” by Dr. Jalal Khaleghi Motlagh. You can see how the “Yaddashtha …” books can be useful in understanding the text of Shahnameh.


Fereidoon’s Brothers