Wisdom of Ferdowsi – Talk by Dr. Faghih on May 16th

by Alireza Borojerdi

Salaam Doostan,

In the last session we talked about Dr. Faghih talking about “Mafhoome jaan va Kherad dar Shahnameh Ferdowsi”  or Wisdom of Ferdowsi in our next session. Meanwhile, Dr. Faghih was asked to give the same talk at the coming IAB poetry night on May 16th (this coming Friday). Therefore, I would like to ask all the interested friends to make it to the Friday Poetry night and enjoy the talk. We will then continue with our regular Shahnameh Khani in our June 1st Session (continuation of the story of Rostam va Sohrab) and we won’t bother Dr. Faghih to repeat the talk.

Hope to see you all on Friday evening at 8:00 pm and then on Sunday June 1st at 4:30 to 8:00 pm.