A Note on June 1st Shahnameh Khani Session

by Alireza Borojerdi

Ba salaam,

We had our Eleventh Session of Shahnameh-Khani at Khaneh Iran on Sunday, June 1, 2014. The session started with Professor Faghih’s lecture on the Concept of “Jaan” in Shahnameh. The lecture was about 40 minutes and was followed by about an hour of discussions, questions, and answers.

I would like to thank Professor Faghih for giving us his valuable time. I know that he is very busy with his research and scientific/ cultural activities. He is active in international organizations and magazines and I really appreciate his lecture that was based on years of research and study.

Professor Faghih was originally going to talk about “Jaan, Kherad, va Hekmat-e Ferdowsi” in Shahnameh. The talk would be long, so I requested that Professor Faghih break his lecture into several 45-minute sessions. He agreed to talk about “Jaan”, “Kherad”, “Hekmat”, and “Ostooreh” in Shahnameh in different sessions so each session would be around 45 minutes, followed by 15 to 30 minutes of question and answer.

The drawback to this division is that some of the concepts are inter-related and we need to wait for the future sessions to fully grasp the concept at hand. This of course will require enthusiasm and patience.

In the future sessions when we have a speaker, I am contemplating to start the session a little earlier and have the talk/Q and A wrapped up before 6:00 pm. The folks who would rather skip the lecture could arrive at that time so they wouldn’t have to be present for the lecture part of the session. I think that would be more respectful to the speaker, and more convenient for the people who want to listen to the lecture or who only want to be present for the Shahnameh-Khani part.

Best regards!