وش فش fashion

by javadmoulai

Thanks to Dr. Moattari’s suggestion (or question, I do not remember which one it was) about the relation between the Persian word فش and the western word fashion, I was encouraged to learn more and to share.  Merriam-Webster reports the oldest known origin from Latin facere (to make), and the earliest known use in 14th century AD.

Oxford dictionaries states that prior to 1500 AD, fashion meant “make, form, or appearance”, which sounds like the Persian couple: وش   and فش .  In addition, the couple in fashion and out of fashion was used by Shakespeare.  I loked at some other sources too; nothing worthy of report.
Although I could not find a definitive answer, I am thankful to Dr. Moattari for a thought provoking suggestion (or question, I still don’t remember which one it was).  It kept me happily busy for a while.